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    Jewelry Sale

    Mini Stud Faceted Gemstone Earrings Mini Stud Faceted Gemstone EarringsOn Sale
    From $48.00 $33.60
    Magnetic String Bracelet with Flower Charms Magnetic String Bracelet with Flower CharmsOn Sale
    $48.00 $33.60
    Crystal Druzy Wrap Bracelet Crystal Druzy Wrap BraceletOn Sale
    $29.00 $20.30
    Blue Triple Strand Beaded Tie Necklace Blue Triple Strand Beaded Tie NecklaceOn Sale
    $60.00 $45.00
    Samooh Clip-On Earring Samooh Clip-On EarringOn Sale
    $56.00 $39.20
    Wide Layer Beaded Bracelet Wide Layer Beaded BraceletOn Sale
    $48.00 $24.00
    Green Long Beaded Necklace Green Long Beaded NecklaceOn Sale
    $70.00 $44.00
    Long Beaded Gold Tassel Necklace Long Beaded Gold Tassel NecklaceOn Sale
    $76.00 $52.20
    Gemstone Pearl Bracelet Gemstone Pearl BraceletOn Sale
    $32.00 $22.40
    Jade Druzy Suede Tassel Necklace Jade Druzy Suede Tassel NecklaceOn Sale
    $90.00 $63.00
    Sundaze Crystal Bracelet On Sale
    $24.00 $16.80
    Nati Necklace Nati NecklaceOn Sale
    $112.00 $78.40