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    Jewelry Sale

    Diana Studded Bracelet Diana Studded BraceletOn Sale
    $48.00 $32.00
    Statement Earrings Statement EarringsOn Sale
    $56.00 $35.00
    Slake Tan Pearl Bracelet Slake Tan Pearl BraceletOn Sale
    $50.00 $20.00
    Clear Crystal Beads Choker Clear Crystal Beads ChokerOn Sale
    $40.00 $22.00
    Tassel Beaded Bracelet Tassel Beaded BraceletOn Sale
    $16.99 $12.00
    Braided Grey Leather Cord Bracelet Braided Grey Leather Cord BraceletOn Sale
    $64.00 $32.00
    Circle Charm Bracelet Circle Charm BraceletOn Sale
    $48.00 $30.00
    Long Beaded Gold Tassel Necklace Long Beaded Gold Tassel NecklaceOn Sale
    $76.00 $52.20
    Beaded Diamond Earrings On Sale
    $32.00 $18.00
    Rhodes Tassel Necklace Rhodes Tassel NecklaceOn Sale
    $48.00 $35.00
    Beaded Tassel Statement Earring with crystal Beaded Tassel Statement Earring with crystalOn Sale
    $80.00 $55.00
    Beaded Infinity Wrap Choker Beaded Infinity Wrap ChokerOn Sale
    $32.00 $18.00