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Employing and empowering women all around the world. Each beautiful design purchased helps provide full-time jobs for local artisans in India. Each piece transports the wearer to worlds that transcend their own, encapsulating the essences of these places into everyday accessories: the vibrant streets of India, the bustling markets of Marrakesh, the gritty landscape of the American Far West, the rich ancient-rooted regions of China, and beyond.

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Saachi Showroom - Fall Scarves

Saachi Showroom - Fall Scarves

Since it finally Fall and we are feeling the cold weather coming we wanted to show some of our heavier-weighted scarves that are perfect as a wrap or scarf this...

Outfit Inspo - Fall Layers

Outfit Inspo - Fall Layers

We've made some wonderful outfits so you don't have to.  Take your staples from around the house and throw in some SAACHI accessories to have a unique and fun outfit....

Wanda Loves Sharing

Wanda Loves Sharing

About Wanda: I’m Wanda, and I love sharing my latest fashion finds. My mission is to show women how to curate a capsule closet and invest in classic pieces that...

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