About Saachi Slides

Every step in the process of Saachi shoes are delicately hand-made in a small shop in India that is employed by only top shoe artisans.   The classic design of this shoe brings together some of the traditional slide values of India with an elegant touch to make each pair a classic piece of art.   

What makes Saachi Slides Unique?

Saachi works closely with this family owned company in India and has been in business with them for over a decade.  These shoes are one of the most delicately designed shoes from that area.  Using materials and textiles that are usually out of range, each piece is a take home piece of luxury. 

Saachi Slides have been featured in Food Network Magazine's November 2017 issue as one of Ina Garten's must haves and were also featured in Oprah's O Magazine in the November 2016 issue.

Customers have the option of crating their shoe exactly how they see fit.  Choosing from many different color options, different embroideries, fabric type and heel type - no shoe is the same.  

After placing your order the information will be sent directly to our friends in India.  There, they will begin crafting your one of a kind pair.


The Process:

Every step of the process for these delicate slides is uniquely hand made.  The fabric type chosen is hand-dyed to match the color perfectly and then the artisans begin to hand embroider that swatch.  Since this process is done completely by hand, no two pairs are alike.  

Next, the hand-dyed fabric will be stretched over a mold and hand stitched with your choice of heel.  The shoes are complete and will be sent to New York.  

How To Create Your Unique Pair:

Step 1:

Choose an option from the website for your favorite hand embroidery. 

Some of our favorites include: 



Step Two:

Choose a fabric type.

Velvet or Silk:


Step 3:

Chose a color option.  

Your choice will be hand-dyed to match any of the color options available on the website.  

Step Four: 

Choose a Heel.

Step 5:

Choose Your Shoe Size.

After this, we will send the information to India and the process will begin!  Within 6-12 weeks we will receive the shoes and send them your way! 


Can't wait? Not a problem. 

Saachi offers a collection of styles that are in stock and available to buy.  (Stock is limited)

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