Best Style Tips For A Summer Getaway

By Carly Giacoio

Summer getaways are all about soaking up the sun, making memories, and looking fabulous while you do it! But with so many summer styles for women, packing for a vacation can sometimes feel like a chore. Fear not; SAACHI is here to help with our top tips for an effortless summer style that is both practical and chic.

Effortless Elegance with Jewelry Sets

Packing light is critical, and our stunning SAACHI jewelry sets are here to answer your accessory woes. With our matching earrings and necklaces, you can effortlessly elevate your beachside look in seconds. And the best part? Our jewelry comes in vibrant colors and unique styles, adding a touch of excitement to your summer looks. There is no need to worry about mismatched pieces—our sets create a cohesive, stylish look, making your vacation packing a breeze. 

Layering Magic with Versatile Kimonos

Summer weather can be fickle, with scorching days turning into breezy evenings. That's why layering is your best strategy! Our stunning kimonos, available in silhouettes ranging from lace to cotton to sheer, are the perfect layering piece. They keep you cool in the heat, offer warmth in a breeze, and add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Wear a kimono over a swimsuit as a beach cover-up, layer it over a dress for dinner, or throw one on for a stylish piece over jeans.

Bandanas: The Ultimate Multitasker

The humble bandana is a summer must-have, and for good reason! From paisley print bandanas to oversized cotton bandanas, tie our versatile SAACHI bandanas to your beach bag, wear them as a chic headband to tame your hair during hot days or breezy evenings, or even transform them into a sophisticated neck tie for a touch of evening elegance. Small but mighty, a bandana can create a bold statement for any summer outfit. 

Linen Love: Your Summer Staple

Linen is the ultimate summer fabric. Lightweight, breathable, and naturally stylish, it keeps you cool and comfortable during your summer getaway. SAACHI offers a variety of linen pieces to help you create effortlessly chic looks. Our linen shirts and kimonos are perfect for layering and can be worn as a beach cover-up or a open with a dress for a breathable summer outfit. Another perfect accessory is a beautiful linen scarf—ideal for a romantic summer evening dinner.

Embrace the SAACHI Style Statement this Summer

With these tips and our stunning collection of jewelry sets, kimonos, bandanas, and linen apparel, and more, you can pack a stylish and versatile wardrobe for your next summer adventure. Remember, summer style is about feeling confident and comfortable in your skin. Embrace the sunshine, explore new places, and look fabulous while you do it with SAACHI.

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