Our Story

mother & daughter-in law Duo

with a passion for clothes, culture and art

The Saachi brand was envisioned when Rose Ajmera, an immigrant from India, felt her heritage was misrepresented in the American fashion market. With her passion for clothes, culture, and art she believed she could introduce brilliant traditional Indian embroidery to the United States. In 2001, Rose started Saachi right from her home with a mission to combine artisanal designs and western style pashmina scarves.

Twenty years later, Saachi is now a thriving women-owned family business supporting the ancient craft of Indian artisans. Saachi has expanded from scarves to shoes, kimonos, and especially jewelry. The design of our bracelets, earrings, and necklaces reflect our traditional roots with modern twists. The eclectic collection is always growing!

our values

Above all, we value authenticity and the individuality of handmade clothes and accessories. Rose, our President and Head Designer, ensures Saachi’s products have true value. She has personally travelled to India and China to find new materials at fabric marketplaces, printmaking designs, and different embroidery techniques.

Our team is dedicated to presenting quality and old world opulence in every piece we create.

"Each product tells a story, and every story takes you on a journey to India, its rich textiles, and beyond." - Rose Ajmera


Saachi supports ancient techniques from all over India. Embroidery and hand loom weaving are tedious processes that create stunning works of art. Most villages have their own specific practices that have been passed down through families for generations. Without a marketplace to showcase embroidery, these traditions will cease to exist. By investing in the craft, Saachi helps give these artisans a platform to continue their work and prosper.


We believe the power of giving makes an impact. That’s why we support the Ekal Foundation, an organization that makes education accessible to children in India by funding one-teacher schools in remote villages. We are proud donors of the Ekal movement bringing literacy and equal opportunity to rural communities.

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where can you find saachi?

Saachi is found in hundreds of specialty boutiques in the US.

With its growing team and specialization in trend-forecasting, Saachi has become a staple in many department stores and has begun showcasing in many more department stores as well as 100s of boutiques! 

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