SAACHI Celebrates 22 Years

mother & daughter-in law Duo

with a passion for clothes, culture and art

Saachi was founded in 2001 by Rose Ajmera, an immigrant from India who was determined to bring traditional Indian embroidery to the American fashion market. Rose saw a lack of representation for her culture in the fashion industry and felt a strong desire to change that. With her passion for clothes, culture, and art, she started Saachi right from her home with a mission to combine artisanal designs with western style pashmina scarves.  

our values

At Saachi, we value authenticity and the individuality of handmade clothes and accessories above all else. Our President and Head Designer, Rose, is dedicated to ensuring that our clothing have true value. Rose  frequently travels to India and China to find the newest best quality materials at fabric marketplaces, discovering unique printmaking designs, and learning about different embroidery techniques. Our team is committed to presenting quality and old world opulence in every piece we create. 

"Each product tells a story, and every story takes you on a journey to India, its rich textiles, and beyond."
- Rose Ajmera


Most villages in India have their own specific practices that have been passed down through families for generations. However, without a marketplace to showcase these special techniques, these traditions are at risk of disappearing. That's where Saachi comes in. By investing in the craft and providing a platform for these artisans to showcase their work, we are working towards preserving these traditions and ensure that they can continue to prosper.

When you purchase from Saachi, not only are you getting your hands on a uniquely crafted high quality product, you are also supporting the preservation of these ancient crafting techniques and the livelihoods of the artisans who practice them. We believe that these values are at the heart of what makes Saachi unique and we are committed to making an effective impact through our work.

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We are proud donars to the Ekal Foundation and the important work they do in providing education to children in rural areas of India. We believe that the power of giving can truly make a difference, and that is why we are committed to supporting the Ekal Foundation on their mission to fund one teacher schools in remote villages. 

By supporting the Ekal movement, we are helping to bring literacy and equal opportunity to these communities, and we are deeply grateful to be able to play a small part in this important work. We hope that through this dedication, we can raise awareness about the incredible impact that education can have, and encourage others to support the Ekal Foundation and their efforts to bring hope and opportunity to those in need.

where can you find saachi?

Found in hundreds of specialty boutiques in the US.

With its growing team and specialization in trend-forecasting, Saachi has become a staple in many department stores and has begun showcasing in many more department stores as well as 100s of boutiques! 

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