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Saachi's unique gemstone earrings are made in Jaipur, India which has been the jewelry capital of the world since the early 18th century during the time of the King Maharajas. Jaipur's artisans have earned a reputation for their skill in meticulous precision-cutting, polishing stones, and traditional craftsmanship not found anywhere in the world. Saachi has brought a modern approach to this traditional art form to deliver one-of-a-kind drop earrings that have special spiritual meanings. The stones are made from natural raw materials which make each stone beautiful and truly unique resulting in gorgeous, elegant, fashionable art.

Each stone has its own unique meaning: 

Rose Quartz - Stone of Universal Love, Rainbow Moonstone - Stone of Feminine Goddess Energy, Smoky Quartz - Protective Stone, Purple Quartz - Stone of Imagination, Turquoise - Master Healer, Lapis - Stone of Guardian Spirits, Aqua Chalcedony - Stone of Wisdom, Labradorite - Stone of Power, Blue Topaz - Stone of Good Fortune, Green Onyx - Stone of Old Memories, Black Onyx - Stone of Defense, Light Blue Chalcedony - Stone of Communication, Blue Chalcedony - Stone of Communication, Crystal Quartz - Stone of Manifesting, Grey Moonstone - Stone of New Beginnings, Carnelian - Stabilizer of Energy, Amethyst - Stone of Spirituality 


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