Saachi Spotlight: Meet Utsav Kalla

Meet Utsav, Saachi's Product Coordinator Who Gets a First Look At All Of Our Pieces!

What do you do at SAACHI? 

Product coordinator. I communicate with our manufacturers overseas and confirm that our products arrive correctly and on time. 

What’s a typical day look like? 

I am responsible for everything incoming in our office. So pretty much I am in front of my desktop with my coffee mug. It’s easy for things to get lost in translation, so everything has to be top notch from my side. 

What’s your favorite part about your job and working for Saachi? 

Getting the first look at the new accessories & apparel and trying them on. 

Where are you from?

Rajasthan, India. It’s known as the colorful state because of the wide variety of festivals that are celebrated there. Because of this reason it’s a hot spot for tourists who enjoy visiting ‘The Pink City’, Jaipur. 

What’s your favorite Saachi piece?! 

Baroque Pearl earring

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What’s your dream vacation? 

 Iceland to see Northern lights with my 2 dogs. 

What accessory can’t you live without? 

Statement earrings. I always show up to work sporting a different style. Another day, another earring. 

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While our accessory collection is designed with the intention of sharing artisanal beauty from regions around the world, our blog takes you inside of our world here at Saachi.  Come on a journey with us; from meeting our wonderfully diverse and talented staff, to sneaking behind-the-scenes glimpses at photoshoots and new collections, to lifestyle content of our favorite outfit ideas, travel photos, beauty tips and more. 

We invite you to see our brand through the eyes of our employees that write each post, hoping to inspire our readers to add a touch of Saachi style to their everyday lives. 



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