DIY Stretch Bracelet

Want to add a personalized touch to your wardrobe? our jewelry designer, iti  pathak shows us how easy it is to make your own stretch bracelet 


  • stretchy elastic for beading, .5mm or thicker depending on the bead hole sizes. .7mm or        .8mm are the standard thickness.  
  • bead of your choice
  • glue 
  •  Ruler or measuring tape  

Cut 12" of elastic. Secure one end.
Beadstoppers as shown in the picture are optional, a piece of tape doubled over the end should be sufficient enough to keep your beads from coming off the end as you string

Most bracelets range in length from 6.5" for smaller beads to 7.5" for larger beads and it varies based on your wrist size.
String your beads to the length you need, secure the other side and test it on your wrist before tying the knots to finish it

 Tie a series of 3 basic knots making sure to reverse direction between each. i.e. if your first knot was right over left, your second should be left over right.
Tying these knots will close the gap between the beads and complete the circle.

Put a dot or two of glue on this knot. Let sit for 10 mins and use cutters or nail clippers to get in close and cut the tails off

Admire your work and tell all of your friends how skilled and crafty you are! 

Not crafty? 

Go the Easy Route and Pick Up One of These Stretch Bracelets from Saachi

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Mother of Pearl Stretch Bracelet - SAACHI

Mother of Pearl Stretch Bracelet

For a casual glam touch to your wrists, the Mother of Pearl Stretch Bracelet is a great addition. For added oomph, both colors stacked together to make a statement.
  • 80% Shell, 15% Brass, 5% Glass Stone
  • Stretch Bracelet
  • 2.5" Diameter
  • Imported
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Whether or not you make your own, remember to keep accessorizing! 

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