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    Traveling to 3 New Cities With A Foodie

    An annual girls trip is a must! No matter if you’re married or single, it’s always important to take a trip with your favorite ladies and create some new memories.

    My best friend, Lauren and I live in different cities so we rarely get to see each other, but this year we made an effort to go on vacation together. After much back and forth we decided we wanted to go somewhere different, so we took a trip to Scandinavia. Lauren is a food blogger, so she immediately began her research to map out both trendy and traditional eats on the way. 8 days, 3 cities and countless restaurants to hit up! Here are the favorites:

    Copenhagen, denmark

    Hija de Sanchez

    Our first stop was Copenhagen. We arrived in the late afternoon, jetlagged and starving; luckily, our Airbnb was near an area called Torvehallerne, which is a famous trendy food market with over 60 stands. Copenhagen is home to what is known as the number one-rated restaurant in the world, Noma. Unfortunately, we booked our trip last minute so we could not get a reservation, but in Torvehallerne, we got to go to Hija de Sanchez, a Mexican restaurant owned by a famous ex-Noma chef, Rosio Sanchez. Lauren and I both had to get a taste of all the tacos we could eat and were off to some touring.

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    Off to a great start in Copenhagen.

    A post shared by Lauren Sears (@nomsbylauren) on


    After hours of touring, we needed a before-bed snack and looked over the recommendations of our host’s son, who suggested we MUST try Kebibstan, claiming it to be the best Shawarma in Copenhagen. He was proven right, as we ate one of the most decadent pita wraps ever. 

    Mad & Kaffe

    Now, I’m not really a brunch person, but Mad & Kaffe was perfect. This cafe was exceptional. Their iced coffee latte with oat milk started the day right. This menu was a checklist where you get to choose 5 pieces. I would recommend the Avocado with beetroot hummus; it was delicious and unlike “American brunch” items. 

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    Danish breakfast is 🔥

    A post shared by Jamie Bogetti🌔 (@jambogetti) on

    Oslo, norway

    Onto OSLO! Our second leg of the trip. I can confidently say that Oslo was one of my favorite cities I have ever visited. With waterfront views almost everywhere you turned, fresh rich air and gorgeous Norwegian people everywhere, you couldn’t not love it.

    Blofoten Fiskerestaurant

    We wanted to go for a spending splurge in Oslo since we had saved for Noma and did not get the chance. We did some research and found ourselves at Lofoten Fiskerestaurant that overlooked the harbor at the end of Aker Brygge.  

    Here, we both enjoyed an order of their mussels, steamed in white wine and with a special basil sauce. 

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    Cheers! Delicious rosé and mussels tonight. 🥂

    A post shared by Lauren Sears (@nomsbylauren) on

    Haralds Vaffel

    One day our sweet tooth got the best of us and we went for the traditional Norwegian waffles with raspberry jam at the famous Haralds Vaffel in a little shopping area. 10/10 would recommend.

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    I love sweet treats 🤤 Loving Oslo so far!

    A post shared by Lauren Sears (@nomsbylauren) on

    The Pink Elephant

    Getting tired of our European delights, we decided to get another cuisine that Oslo is famous for. Since there are a lot of Indian Immigrants, we heard that we had to try “The Pink Elephant” an indoor/outdoor restaurant also on the Aker Brygge. We of course started our meal with samosas, and I ordered a chicken Brindavan, Lauren ordered goat curry.  The only downfall of this meal is that it was our last one.  We were heartbroken we had to leave Oslo as we had fallen in love with this city.

    Reykjavik, Iceland:


    The last part of our trip was Iceland. Famous for its lamb and fishballs!  
    The night before our flight, Lauren and I found a show on Netflix that featured some must-stop places in Reykjavik with Ainsley Harriott. He recommended Kaffivagninn because they make traditional Icelandic Fishballs. (I know it sounds gross but they are more like a fish cake than a meatball, heavily breaded and fried). We also got an order of fish and chips and split everything. Although it was a long, rainy walk from our Airbnb, I would do it all over again. This was my favorite meal of the trip! (I'm including two images, because they were too good to choose!) 

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    These fish and chips were perfection 👌🏼

    A post shared by Lauren Sears (@nomsbylauren) on


    Our last night of vacation we were exhausted from traveling around the Southern Island all day but knew it was our only chance to try the famous Iceland lamb. We went to Grillermarkaõurinn which works closely and collaborates with local farmers and guarantees the best local produce for a “magical fusion of traditional and modern cuisine.” 

    We tried grilled corn and a trinity of Icelandic cheese to start and both got our own plate of Grilled Lamb. We both weren’t brave enough to try the arctic char. Though I don’t think either of us regretted it after our mouthwatering lamb steaks.

    This is just a few of the amazing food experiences to count from our trip around Europe. One of the best ways to learn about a new culture is through food and we happily got a mix of traditional and modern meals along the way. I couldn’t believe it, but Icleand had the best food of the mix. I thought for sure Copenhagen would be the one to beat, but I don’t think I will ever forget from of the unique Icelandic meals I had!


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