DIY Bandana Face Mask

We know that there is a mask shortage and wanted to help do our part.  with this easy to Make dIY Mask, You can turn a beautiful bandana into a Face mask to protect yourself and others from Germs.

As the Covid-19 outbreak numbers continue to rise, we have been staying closely informed with all the essential information from our government, local government and the CDC.

Today, we learned of an update from the Mayor of NYC.  Mayor DeBlasio is urging New Yorkers to wear face covering when they go outside and will be near people. 

We hope this DIY Tutorial will help make it easier for Saachi customers to stay safe!

"New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio asked New Yorkers to wear a face covering when they go outside and will be near other people.

He cited research showing asymptomatic people could be spreading the virus without realizing it.

"When you put on that face covering, you're protecting everyone else," he said.

The mayor said it could be a scarf or a bandanna or anything homemade, but it should not be a surgical mask needed by first responders and healthcare workers.

ABC7 NEWS (full article)

Video tutorial: 

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Photo tutorial:


  • One Bandana
  • 2 Elastic Hair Bands or Rubber Bands

STEP ONE: (Please note, there is a video tutorial at the end if you would rather use that!)
Layout your bandana flat

Fold in Half Once, downward
Fold in Half downward again
Flatten with your hands.

 Add a hair tie to either side on your bandana (about 1/4 of the way on either edge)

Fold Both ends toward the center

Tuck the inside of the corners into eachother, just play around with it until it is secure

Pull the elastic out. 

All finished!
You can now use the elastic around your ears and secure to your face. 

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